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Drag Queen Brunch

Please note: This event has already occurred.
Drag Queen Brunch photo
Olivia Boinet/For The Washington Post

Editorial Review

It's early, gray and raw, and you can still see your breath. Adams Morgan's Saturday night bacchanalia has given way to Sunday morning sobriety. Churchgoers, coffee drinkers, dog walkers. And Gloria Gaynor's voice, throbbing through the windows of a second-story dining room on Columbia Road.

"And I'll survive ... I will survive ... I will survive!"

A whistle cuts through the thunder of applause, and one thing is clear: No one told the folks at Perrys that their good time was supposed to end by daybreak.

The doors for Perrys weekly "drag queen brunch" open at 10:30, but the line often forms 30 minutes earlier. Double dates, housemates, birthday revelers -- who doesn't love a little gender-bending entertainment with their buffet-style eggs and pastries? You eat and chat, and then every few minutes Diana Ross appears among the tables. Or Beyonce. Or a fantastic Amy Winehouse.

"There's a finale, right?" you ask the waiter, after Shakira struts off.

"Usually there is. But it's not up to us," he says with a shrug. "We never control the queens."

Tip: If you don't want to wait in line, show up between noon and 1, when the first round of diners finishes and makes room for a new crowd.

-- Ellen McCarthy (January 25, 2008)