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Eden Opening Weekend


Editorial Review

When Eden opened its rooftop deck last summer, the "Garden of Eden" was an immediate hit -- not surprising, since abundant greenery, lounge seating and a top-quality sound system made it an oasis in the middle of downtown. That was just the first step in the rebirth of the old Eyebar space; the next will be unveiled this weekend.

The first-floor Green Room keeps the outdoor feel, thanks to bamboo plants and a waterfall that stretches behind the bar. Seats resemble park benches, and the tables are basically bundles of logs with a clear glass top. But what will garner the most interest are the enormous interactive video screens that dominate one wall and the top of the bar. If you walk by when it's showing a field of grass and flowers, an infrared machine detects your movement and cause the plants to rustle in a breeze. If the screens imbedded in the bartop are showing a koi pond, setting your glass down causes CGI fish to scatter. Very cool and kitschy and an easy conversation starter.

But if you think the place is all bells and whistles, the presence of a solid lineup of house DJs (including Carlos Melange and Trayze on Friday and Jose and Vicious on Saturday) should ease any fears. Expect the dance tracks to be accompanied by the sounds of live percussion.

Check it out for free if you RSVP on edendc.com and arrive by midnight -- otherwise, expect to drop $20 to get in the door.

-- Fritz Hahn (January 18, 2011)