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The Molotov Theatre Group's staging of "Extremities" begins with a suitably horrifying image of the classic rape scenario. Sherry Berg, the actress playing the victim, is petite. Alex Zavistovich, as the assailant, Ray, is large. Ray blocks the set's only door out. Putting audiences through the agony of a sexual assault has always been the aim of William Mastrosimone's drama. The point is to ask, what next? How can the victim possibly get justice? In the early 1980s, "Extremities" worked as consciousness-raising for a culture that misunderstood and drastically under-reported rape. Yet after an appropriately unsettling start, director Michael Wright's production is worryingly dispassionate. As Marjorie, the woman whose home is invaded, Berg is almost unflappably tough. Even though Ray's guilt is never in doubt, this production doesn't give the initial crime and the subsequent lack of legal protection enough weight to make Marjorie's extreme reaction seem like the only way out. Mastrosimone leveled the playing field to make you think about our cultural shortcomings. Molotov, on the other hand, narrows its aim and makes "Extremities" an uncomfortably fair psychological fight.