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From the Vaults: Presidential Inaugurations


Editorial Review

Tuesday, January 13
Herbert Hoover Inaugurated, 1929
Excerpt from The Open Mind: March 4th, 1933���FDR���s First Inaugural
President Truman���s Inauguration, 1948
Total Running Time: 80 minutes

Wednesday, January 14
Inauguration 1953 (Dwight Eisenhower)
CBS Coverage of John F. Kennedy���s Inaugural, 1961
Total Running Time: 90 minutes

Thursday, January 15
Inauguration of the President and Vice President of the United States, 1965 (Lyndon B. Johnson)
The Inaugural Story 1969 (Richard Nixon)
Total Running Time: 90 minutes

Friday, January 16
Swearing-In of Gerald R. Ford as President, August 9, 1974
Inaugural Events, 1977 (Jimmy Carter)
President Reagan���s Inaugural Ceremony, 1981
Total Running Time: 120 minutes

Monday, January 19, at noon
Inauguration of George Herbert Walker Bush, 1989
William Jefferson Clinton Inaugural Ceremony, 1993
Total Running Time: 120 minutes