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Georgia Beer Week


Editorial Review

The hottest way to create buzz in local beer circles these days is getting a rental truck, driving a few hundred miles, purchasing a regional craft beer that isn't normally distributed in the D.C. area, and bringing it back to sell at your bar. It's not a new phenomenon -- ask the Brickskeller's Dave Alexander about how the bar got Coors back in the '70s -- but regional craft beers have made it more popular in recent times. The latest example: The Black Squirrel, which managed to get a limited amount of Colorado's Fat Tire Ale back in May, has secured cases of beer from Atlanta's SweetWater Brewing Company. (Please note there's no connection with Northern Virginia's Sweetwater brewpubs.) SweetWater doesn't pasteurize its beers, which makes them hard to ship, so Georgia ex-pats should head to Adams Morgan for a rare chance to grab SweetWater's super-hoppy 420 Extra Pale Ale, the crisp Sweetwater IPA, Road Trip Pilsner and the popular SweetWater Blue, an ale made with fresh blueberries. (I've never tried this one, but some friends tell me it's actually pretty good.) The accompanying Georgia-fied menu includes Southern fried chicken and fried catfish with a toasted pecan cornmeal crust. The usual caveat applies: These beers are limited in quantity. Get there soon or they may be sold out.

-- Fritz Hahn (July 12, 2010)