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Green Hour


Editorial Review

Maybe this absinthe fad has more legs than we thought. Bartenders across town are still using the once illegal, still-fabled alcohol in potent cocktails. Bottles of the Green Fairy continue to pop up on shelves behind dive bars as well as upscale lounges. And yet many people haven't given absinthe a fair shake. Perhaps it's the lingering rumors that the anise-flavored spirit can make you go mad (like famous absinthe drinkers Van Gogh, Rimbaud or Toulouse-Lautrec ) or that it's hallucinogenic (not true). Whatever the case, you should at least give it a try. Tonight at Morton's of Georgetown, the Green Hour offers a history lesson, a demonstration of the proper way to prepare a glass of absinthe and a tasting of new cocktails. (They're accompanied by hors d'oeuvres, because you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.) All-inclusive tickets are $45. Reservations can be made on the Morton's Web site.

-- Fritz Hahn (March 2009)