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Hail Mary, Full of Grace - Mary J. Blige Night


Editorial Review

Dubbed "the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul" for the way she combined edgy R&B vocals and tough hip-hop beats on her hit 1992 debut, "What's the 411?," Mary J. Blige has had numerous multi-platinum albums and Top 10 singles. If someone says the words "Real Love," try to stop singing the hook of that single in your head. (Admit it: You're doing it right now.) Blige's distinctive vocals truly make the song - she's supplied the hook on many rap hits, including some by Jay-Z, Talib Kweli and T.I. Expect DJ Jahsonic to pull ballads and club-bangers during his annual "Hail Mary, Full of Grace" tribute, which features nothing but Blige all night long. You thought there were a lot of people singing along on the dance floor at Marvin on a normal Monday; just wait until "You Remind Me" or "Can't Knock the Hustle" comes over the speakers.

-- Fritz Hahn (January 2010)