Honfleur Gallery

Honfleur Gallery photo
(Architectural rendering/Petros Zouzoulas and Steven Siebers, Inscape Studio)

Editorial Review

Where the Art Is
Area Galleries Find New Homes in Unconventional Spaces

By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 14, 2008

Anacostia isn't known for its art galleries, but that didn't stop Honfleur Gallery from setting up shop there last year.

Since then, according to gallery director Amy Cavanaugh Royce, the nonprofit Honfleur, part of ARCH Development Corp., has steadily made its presence known not just in the neighborhood, with an annual "East of the River" show featuring Anacostia artists, but also across town, by showcasing national and international artists. For FotoWeek DC, Honfleur will anchor five photography shows in and around the neighborhood.

To be sure, that neighborhood may be a long way from transforming itself into the thriving arts hub it once was, but Royce says such a dream is possible. "Over the last two years, there's definitely been an improvement in the mix of visitors," she says. "We don't want anyone from the neighborhood to ever feel unwelcome here, but we see ourselves as a gallery for the whole city."