John Dillinger Trivia Contest


Editorial Review

Take a chance at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment on Tuesday to win a seat at an early screening of "Public Enemies," starring Johnny Depp.

The film, scheduled to open July 1, is based on the story of bank robber and gangster John Dillinger.

The public is invited to the museum lobby at 5 p.m. to win tickets to that evening's screening by taking a crack at Dillinger trivia. Enthusiasts not lucky enough to win tickets can view the Dillinger exhibit at the museum with paid admission. The installation will display props from the movie as well as historical artifacts, such as the original "wanted" poster issued in 1934, the keys to Dillinger's 1933 Hudson and a brick from the theater where he was killed. The pieces will be on display at the museum until Sept. 1.

After the trivia contest, the ticket winners will head to Regal Gallery Place multiplex to claim a seat for a 7:30 p.m. screening.