Kate's Irish Pub

Irish Pub, Bar

Editorial Review

It's tough to open a convincing Irish pub in a strip mall, so at Kate's the owners apparently decided not to bother with the trappings. The only real giveaway is the kelly green paint on the walls. If you can get into the Irish spirit, however, you can shoot some pool, maybe put some money on it, then blarney away about your winnings. Or at least sing along with the Irish songs sung here on the weekends.

The menu offers many non-Irish items like jalapeno poppers, wings and nachos, for starters. Plus there are burgers and barbecue, or more traditional entrees like meat-and-potato pie, corned beef, or fish and chips. The crowd is mosly young, 20 to 35; but like in any good Irish bar, there's the occasional lively old-timer. It's not an extraordinarily authentic pub, but good enough to unwind, listen to some Celtic-flavored tunes and get a burger and imported beer.

-- Bob Massey