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No Limit Vs. Cash Money


Editorial Review

We don't really see much entertainment value -- beyond humor -- in a No Limit vs. Cash Money party. Well, actually, perhaps in a time long ago, there may have been a few incidents when a Guru or two got loose to "I'm 'Bout It, 'Bout It," "Back That Azz Up" or more entries in Mystikal's catalog than we'd readily acknowledge. At the turn of the century, these two New Orleans record labels made truckloads of money, dominated the clubs and the charts and through their patronage of the Pen & Pixel design firm, established a standard for album covers so absurd that the world will probably never see such Photoshop depravity again. Cash Money artists were actually responsible for creating and infecting the world with the term "bling." You can relive it all at Expo tonight as Nick The 1da and DJ Forge rock the party with nothing but No Limit and Cash Money hits and rarities.

-- Rhome Anderson (Sept. 2009)