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Panda Head Magazine Launch Party


Editorial Review

On Inauguration night at Bohemian Caverns, David had an increasingly rare experience. A band took that stage at Brightest Young Thing's all-night (and day) soiree and he had absolutely no clue who they were. It was a three-piece band that played moody, minimal songs that still had hooks, melody and quirkiness. The vibe was laid-back but not lazy; the songs moved at their own slow speed because that's just the kind of songs they were. After the band's set, David asked someone "in the know" who they were and was told: the Laughing Man. And maybe it was all the vodka talking (er, slurring) but he was all, "Man, they were really, really good!" And he went and listened to the songs on their MySpace page and they actually were good. And now you can see for yourself when the band plays tonight at a party for Panda Head magazine. They have good taste in booking bands, so that's a plus. That party's free, and it's at Comet Ping Pong.

--David Malitz (Feb. 2009)