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Shelter with Timmy Regisford


Editorial Review

Ever since the days when modern dance music emerged from early marriages of disco, new wave and jazz fusion, Timmy Regisford (listen) has had a steady guiding hand on its evolution. The "soulful" sound that marries jazzy song structure and Afro-Latin rhythms to the house pulse is one of many developments bearing Regisford's influence. And the biggest brand associated with Regisford is New York's Shelter nightclub, where marathon sets start in the evening and carry over to the next afternoon, fueled by an awe-inspiring sound system. For 18 years, the Shelter has been a pilgrimage site for serious devotees to immerse themselves in a night with "The Maestro." Outside of anniversary parties in Miami for Winter Music Conference, the Shelter experience is generally limited to New York, so tonight's special appearance by Regisford at the Trinidad and Tobago Association will be a milestone night in D.C. Chris Burns and the Everybody Loves Music crew are going big, following on the success of the Hometown Heroes series, and they also aim to bring different scenes together. The rare vinyl and deep funk Fatback crew will be holding down the basement.

-- Rhome Anderson (Feb. 2009)