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Shorts Party

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The upper level of Asylum closes Monday — it’s being reborn as a craft-beer-and-barbecue joint, because D.C. doesn’t have enough of those — and its closing celebrations include a final hurrah for Shorts, one of the most ridiculous theme parties in Adams Morgan. If you’ve spent any time exploring the D.C. nightlife scene, you know that many clubs deny entry to men wearing shorts. Not so at Shorts, where the only requirements for entry are that (a) you’re 21 and (b) you’re wearing shorts. Not Capri pants. Not rolled-up jeans. Not a skirt with leggings. Shorts. It doesn’t matter if they’re jorts, Daisy Dukes or vintage Umbro nylon soccer shorts — you have to be wearing shorts and showing some leg to get in. The doormen will make the final call, and they may be armed with scissors to “tailor” your pants if you try to flaunt the dress code. Once inside, there will be a Chuck E. Cheese-style ball pit, drink specials and a bro-tastic playlist that regularly features Jock Jams. It promises to be epic.