Editors' pick


The festival runs through June 30 at the Source Theatre.
(U Street/Cardozo)
U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo (Green Line)
Through 2/14


Theater critic Jane Horwitz praised the Constellation Theatre Company's "polished and perceptive revival" of the Tony Award-winning play by Peter Shaffer.
Through 2/14


A psychiatrist gets tangled up with a teen whose fascination with horses leads to violence. Presented by Constellation Theatre Company.
2/28 - 3/5

The In Series

The ensemble presents "ABC's of American Art Song," a salon-style program featuring Copland's "Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson," Argento's "From the Diary of Virginia Woolf," Barber's "Knoxville: Summer of 1915" and more.
3/10 - 4/9

Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST)

WIT's March Madness-style competition. Over the course of five weeks, three-person teams will compete to earn the title of reigning improv champions.
4/21 - 5/22

Journey to the West

A Buddhist monk, a rambunctious monkey, an insatiable pig and a fierce river monster travel from China to India in search of sacred scriptures.
6/8 - 7/3

2016 Source Festival

The annual festival features 24 new works, including 10-minute shorts, full-length plays and artistic blind dates.

Editorial Review

Theater review: Source Festival gets underway with flip playlets

The festival runs through June 30 at the Source Theatre.