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Take Five!


Editorial Review

Sure, Take Five! doesn't take place outside. But the Kogod Courtyard certainly feels like it, with sun shining through the undulating glass ceiling and tall trees growing out of the planters on which visitors rest.

In the summer heat, it's the coolest indoor/outdoor space in the city, especially on the third Thursday of the month. Jazz and blues bands are only part of the equation: There's reasonably priced beer, wine, water and sandwiches at the museum cafe. Organizers set out a variety of board games on tables for everyone to play (making it an excellent icebreaker if you see a cute someone sitting by themselves). And adding an artistic twist, the local ArtJamz organization sets up easels and canvases and provides brushes and instruction for those who want to paint while the band is playing. (Space is limited and registration is required; see artjamzdc.com for more information.)

-- Fritz Hahn (July 29, 2011)