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The Classics -- Series 4: Reggae


Editorial Review

Record covers are an art form - a two-sided, 144-square-inch piece of canvas for musicians to tell the world who they are. That power diminished with the rise of CDs and shrank even further in the world of iTunes, but there's still something about picking up a vintage album and seeing it as a time capsule, from the clothes and the haircuts down to the fonts and design. You won't find many album covers in Washington's marble museums. That's why we enjoy "The Classics" events at U Street's Lounge of Three, which turns itself into a musical art gallery. This time around, 80 vintage sleeves from reggae artists will hang on the club's walls, including Horace Andy, Burning Spear, Cutty Ranks and Yellowman. As you browse the art, DJs Cerebral and 2-Tone Jones will be providing a suitable rocking soundtrack. Arrive between 7 and 9 p.m. for free Smirnoff cocktails.

-- Fritz Hahn (July 12, 2010)