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The Gun Show

Please note: This event has already occurred.
In the great, protracted gun-control debate, few of us haven't already staked out a position. So it's refreshing that "The Gun Show," opening Friday at The Dunes in Columbia Heights, doesn't concern itself with swaying an audience one way or another on matters of gun ownership. When the original concept to examine the current debate elicited predictable anti-gun responses, curator Deidree Bennett chucked the idea and began to look instead for works that reflected the symbolism of guns in pop culture, "including," she wrote in an e-mail, "the perception that guns are sexy, powerful and create a feeling of invincibility." The show, which pulls together work by artists including Anna U. Davis, Dana Ellyn, Dafna Steinberg, Andrew Wodzianski and others, opens with a reception that will feature a performance by the alt-rock band Galaxy Collective.