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Editorial Review

Maybe it's not right to say this here in D.C., but is it possible that Jawbox was only the second best indie/alt-rock band of the '90s with a name that started with the letters J-a-w-b? Hey, that's for you to decide-- we're just throwing it out there. Why do we always find the need to tear something down just to build something up? Why must it be a zero-sum game? Shouldn't our therapists have found a solution for that by now? In any case, the "other" band in question is Jawbreaker, a San Francisco punk/pop-punk/(pre-eyeliner) emo band that made us want to pogo in all the right ways. The band was led by Blake Schwarzenbach and while his next band, Jets to Brazil, was a tad too emo for us, but that was then. It barely even registers on the "too emo" scale now. Schwarzenbach is the featured guest at the latest edition of Bourbon's Modernist Society, so you can ask him about his career as a musician (and as a literature professor) and how he feels about the best "j-a-w-b" band debate. DJs D-Mac and Neville C will provide the usual good tunes.

--David Malitz (Feb. 2009)