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Editorial Review

It's no secret that the area around the stadium can be completely dead when the Nationals are out of town. In an effort to drum up some business, Bullpen owner Bo Blair has created a new monthly festival called Truckeroo, which brings at least 20 to the block-long parking lot that lies between the Bullpen and Das Bullpen. The concept: Grab something to eat from a favorite truck, which could include the Red Hook Lobster Truck, the Fojol Brothers, TaKorean or Dangerously Delicious Pies, then head to the Bullpen to have a beer and catch some live music, or make your way to Das Bullpen for a seat.

More than 23,000 people attended the August Truckeroo, according to organizers, and you may find long lines if you show up at high-traffic times, such as right at noon or right after work.

-- Fritz Hahn