Editorial Review

While we were all throwing snowballs, working from home and getting stuck in terrible traffic during this month's snowstorms, one thing we weren't doing, by and large, was dining in restaurants.

"It started that first week before Christmas," says Lynne Breaux, president of Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington. "As one of our members said, there were four weekends that were impacted" by weather. Some neighborhood restaurants reported great business during the week-o-snow, said Breaux, but others in downtown workplace districts didn't.

So the RAMW ginned up the "Unleashed" special for March 1 through 7. More than 100 RAMW member restaurants have posted specials here (PDF), and Breaux says more are signing on. Many of these specials look familiar -- some bars/restaurants appear to be repurposing every day happy hours and prix-fixe menus -- but y'know, a deal's a deal.

-- Julia Beizer (Feb. 25, 2010)