Editors' pick

Washington Ukrainian Festival


Editorial Review

Overview: The area's Ukrainian population gets together for dancing, beer, and varenyky (pierogies).

Eat: This isn't hard to figure out. Your choices come down to cheese, potato or sauerkraut-stuffed varenyky, various sausages, and holubtsi, a cabbage roll stuffed with meat. Most of the varenyky are homemade, so banish any thoughts of Mrs. T's. And don't forget to visit the beer garden. It's where all the real Ukrainians will be.

Play: Watch traditional dances performed by local groups, listen to live music or take the kids to a fully-stocked children's area. On Saturday night, stick around for the "Outdoor Disco" -- we're expecting the finest cheesy Eastern European dance tunes from dusk until midnight.

See: The highlight of both days is a reenactment of a circa-1650 battle between Cossacks and Turks with "full costumes and horses."

Buy: A marketplace sells all the Ukraine-pride gear you could need, religious icons, books and decorated Easter eggs.

-- Fritz Hahn (Sept. 10, 2008)