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Yes We Did: An Inauguration & MLK Celebration


Editorial Review

When Karizma plays, dancers have fits and DJs pay attention. They take mental notes, marvel, admire, and sometimes, when that competitive bug hits them, they might get their feelings hurt. That's because Baltimore's storied decknician is as fearless as he is technical and as aggressive as he is soulful. His programming and technique are often daring, but the transitions are so expert that it always makes sense. Karizma anchors the Yes We Did party at the Loft tonight, featuring New York's Doc Delay and Brendan Bringem, and for the home team, Sam "The Man" Burns and the Dirty Bombs crew.

-- Rhome Anderson (January 2009)

Room 1:

Luis Baro
Sam "The Man" Burns
Eric "Eball" Burton

Room 2:

Brendan Bringem
Doc Delay
Deep Sang