Artisan Confections

Artisan Confections photo
James M. Thresher/The Washington Post

Editorial Review

Is it food? Is it art? Is it both? Okay, it's food, but it's still pretty to look at. And definitely more delicious to eat. Owner (and former TenPenh pastry chef) Jason Andelman's chocolate creations have been a hit since his store opened in June 2006. But a November move from a Lee Highway storefront into the heart of Clarendon has helped business pick up. That means making even more salted butter caramels, the most popular of the 15 pieces he offers. "There's a little bit of salt that balances well with the chocolate; the texture is creamy. It's a winner," Andelman says matter-of-factly. Four flavors change seasonally and feature intricate designs by local artists. "People think they're hand painted," he says. "That's nuts; it's like a decal process." Andelman also teaches classes roughly once a month in which people can learn the process behind his craft and make and take home their own chocolates./p>

-- David Malitz (Aug. 20, 2010)