Editorial Review

After more than a year of hosting roving painting parties in warehouse spaces, galleries and even the American Art Museum, ArtJamz is going from pop-up to permanent.

Since 2010, the bashes have offered hipsters beer and wine and a literal blank canvas on which they could express themselves artistically. But to stay mobile, ArtJamz founder Michael M. Clements explains, he had to limit the paint to just primary colors that could be mixed. And there was never a good place to put your beer.

But with its sliver of a storefront opening this weekend at 1742 Connecticut Avenue NW in Dupont Circle, ArtJamz now has a year-round space. (Find details for getting there.)

That means the boozy painting nights will take place each weekend. The space will welcome private events, including bachelorettes and birthday bashes. And KidsJamz, which feature pizza, music and sips for kids, will also settle into the permanent home (the next two-hour sessions are Saturday and Sunday afternoon and March 24-25).

Finally there’s room for 20 shades of paint, and why, yes, those are little cupholders installed next to the easels — so you can actually paint and drink.

With others moving in on the boozing-and-creating model, Clements says he felt it was time to move into different arenas, including art classes Mondays through Wednesdays in such subjects as graffiti. For ArtJamz, it was the next logical step. “When you’re a pop-up, it’s fun but you’re always looking to evolve. When you’re always moving, you can’t. You’re really limited.”

More details on ArtJamz pricing below.

All-inclusive: Canvas, instructions, open wine and beer bar and hors d’œuvres for three hours. $65.

Pay-as-you-go: Canvas, instructions and hors d’œuvres for three hours; cash bar . $45.

Night-owl (10 p.m.-midnight. Fridays and Saturdays): Canvas, instructions for two hours, with a cash bar. $35.

KidsJamz: Canvas, instructions and pizza and Vitaminwater for two hours. $25.

--Lavanya Ramanathan (March 2012)