Elk Run Vineyards


Editorial Review

The Post's Andrea Sachs wrote about this winery in June 2007:

"Wine has always been about the where, the soil," said Carol Wilson, who owns Elk Run Vineyards in Mount Airy with her husband, Fred, and another partner, Neill Bassford. "Unlike breweries, we are farmers."

The Elk Run folks are also rapturous drinkers -- hey, ever hear of quality control? When my friend Kelly and I walked into the large, bright tasting room after a spin through the 24-acre vineyard (including an outdoor barrel storage area, a fermentation room hidden behind a lipstick-red church door and a treehouse), Bassford was standing behind the counter, cradling a glass of white wine. The jocular 60-year-old was sipping his morning chardonnay, Liberty Tavern 2005, which he jokingly described as being "good for breakfast." Pairs well with cornflakes? I wondered.

With a bowl of Cheez-Its at the ready, we sampled a pinot noir (Elk Run is the only vineyard in the state growing and producing this wine), a 2006 Gewurtztraminer and a port that didn't make me drop to the floor. (I am usually leveled flat by port.) We finished with a 1999 sparkling wine topped with Sweet Katherine, a sweet after-dinner wine. The three owners poured for five, generously filling our oh-so-proper glasses. With three more wineries to visit, Kelly and I celebrated with prudence. But the crew drank with delight, toasting the good fortune of having bubbly grown in their own yard.