Langley High School


Editorial Review

Go to's statistical profile.Langley High School is a Fairfax County public school with an enrollment of 1,633 ninth through 12th grade students. Ninety percent of Langley students take four years of science and foreign languages. The school offers an educational and cultural exchange program with Russia, Germany and England (Oxford Univerity). Special programs include a center for students with autism and an ethical decisions in the workplace and personal integrity program. Students from Cooper and Longfellow Middle Schools attend Langley High School. Achievement Scores, 1996-97 School Year, Va. Public SchoolsThis School   Va. AverageGrade 11 (97% of students were tested)Reading - Total80.0%56.0%Reading - Vocabulary82.0%62.0%Reading - Comprehension74.0%52.0%Composition73.0%56.0%Math82.0%48.0%Notes:
Scores are expressed as percentile rank. A score of 51% indicates that students taking the test at this school scored higher than 50% of students taking the test nationally. Tests are given in grades 3, 5, 8 and 11. If this school has more than one of those grades, this profile lists only the scores achieved by students in the higher or highest grade. Source: Va. Dept. of Education, Stanford 9 Achievement Tests. Demographic and Performance IndicatorsThis schoolStatewideGr.7-12 Students Absent More than 10 Days:13.0%34.0%Physical Fitness Test Pass Rate:19.0%26.0%Dropout Rate, Grades 9-12:0%5.0%Graduates Who Took Remedial Classes at Va. Public Colleges1.5%24.1%Challenge Index:1.9870.975Notes:
A school's Challenge Index (present for high schools only) is the number of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests taken by its students in the 1996-97 school year divided by the number in its June 1997 graduating class. The "statewide" figure is the average of Challenge Indexes achieved by Virginia high schools in the Washington area.Sources: Va. Dept. of Ed., 1995-96 school year; State Council of Higher Ed. for Va., 1995 Freshman Class; Washington Post.