Maret School


Editorial Review

It has a 1997-'98 enrollment of 550 students and 90 teachers, resulting in an average class size of 13. Students usually score well on their advanced placement exams. Last year, 70 students took 109 tests in 16 different subject areas. Ninety-seven percent received a 3.0 or higher score. Foreign language also is important at the school. Spanish is required in kindergarten; students from grades 1 to 4 have a choose between French or Spanish; grades 5 to 8 are required to take Latin along with one other language and in the upper school, students have an option between the three languages. The school offers all the basic athletic teams including lacrosse, golf, wrestling and tennis. In addition, an independent intramural after-school program offers martial arts, dance, weight training, aerobics and jogging. Extended after-school hours are available until 6 p.m. for an additional charge. The school can be reached from the Woodley Park/Zoo Metro station on the Red Line.