Potomac Elementary School


Editorial Review

Go to washingtonpost.com's statistical profilePotomac Elementary is a Montgomery County public school. It has an average class size of 24.6 students.Achievement Scores, 1996-97 School Year, Md. Public SchoolsThis School   Md. AverageGrade 5Reading - Satisfactory63.8%35.6%Writing - Satisfactory62.5%39.3%Lang. Usage - Satisfactory79.1%46.8%Math - Satisfactory90.6%48.2%Science - Satisfactory83.3%46.3%Social Studies - Satisfactory83.3%35.8%Notes:
Scores are expressed as percentage judged "satisfactory" by the Md. Education Dept.Maryland School Performance Assessment Program tests are given in grades 3, 5, 8. If this school has more than one of those grades, this report lists scores from the higher or highest grade only. Maryland Functional Tests, required for graduation, are given in grades 9 and 11. Results for this test are given only if this school didn't administer the MSPAP tests to any of its students. If students in more than one grade took the Functional Tests, then the results from the higher grade are reported. Source: Md. Dept. of Education. Demographic and Performance IndicatorsThis schoolStatewideEnrollment:503818,583Free/Reduced Lunch Eligible:3.0%30.9%Limited English Fluency:1.4%2.0%Entered School from Out of System:8.1%12.2%Student Absentee Rate:4.1%6.6%Absent More than 20 Days:3.8%13.8%Notes:
Entered school from out of system indicator is the number of students who enrolled from outside of the system during the entire school year divided by the school's average daily enrollment. It can be greater than 100%.A school's Challenge Index (present for high schools only) is the number of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests taken by its students in the 1996-97 school year divided by the number in its June 1997 graduating class. The "statewide" figure is the average of Challenge Indexes achieved by Maryland high schools in the Washington area.Sources: Md. Dept. of Education, 1996-97 school year; Washington Post.