Loehmann Twin Cinemas

Art House
NOTE: Showtimes are currently unavailable for this theater

Editorial Review

The cinema in Loehmann's Shopping Center specializes in films from India. The first house has an extremely large screen, about 630 seats and Dolby sound. The second house also has a big screen and can hold about 270 people. Along with the Laurel (Maryland) 6 Cinema, this is the only place to consistently see Indian films. In fact, the two theaters share the same management, and up-to-date listings of their movies can be found on their Web site. Wheelchairs can access the theaters, but not the small restrooms upstairs. A few restaurants are in the shopping center and more are nearby on Route 50. The theater is in the corner of the center near Bally's Fitness Center. Parking is free but must be shared with the other businesses.
-- Matt Slovick
Modified for Hearing Impaired: Yes
Disabled Access: The theaters are wheelchair-accessible; the restrooms are not.