Editors' pick


Demonlover movie poster
MPAA rating: NR
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Independent
Weekend's Michael O'Sullivan calls this film "darkly beautiful." But Style's Stephen Hunter says it's "not a happy experience."
Starring: Connie Nielsen, Charles Berling, Chloe Sevigny, Gina Gershon, Dominique Reymond
Director: Olivier Assayas and Marie-Jeanne Pascal
Running time: 02:05
Release: Opened Sep 19, 2003

Editorial Review

That world citizen of the movies, Connie Nielsen (Danish, speaks English well enough to play Americans, speaks French well enough to play French), stars as an executive in a video game company set on acquiring the rights to a new Japanese product so powerfully erotic it will obviously dominate the market. However, she's really a mole, working for another company trying to acquire the rights; her secret mission is to subvert the negotiations from within.

Meanwhile . . . oh, there are so many meanwhiles . . . she's plagued by a variety of problems. Subversion from within isn't as easy as it used to be! Whew! Her assistant Elise (doughy Chloe Sevigny) is acting peculiarly, her colleague Herve (Charles Berling) is too aggressive and possibly even sleazier than she is, and the American executive Elaine (Gina Gershon) is being too vulgar in that down-Texas way that European artistes like Assayas believe is the American style.

-- Stephen Hunter, Style