Finding Joy

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Josh Cooke, Liane Balaban, Barry Bostwick, Lainie Kazan, Tyler Bunch
Director: Carlo De Rosa
Running time: 1:30
Release: Opened Jun 7, 2013

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Not your usual romantic comedy!!

After a stylish mellow start where Kyle Livingstone, a writer down on his luck, returns back home to write his second novel, Finding Joy becomes a charming, funny, out-of-the-box, intimate romantic comedy. Both Liane Balaban and Josh Cooke craft endearing performances supported by the veterans Barry Bostwick and Lainie Kazan. Newcomer Tyler Bunch, a puppetteer according to IMDb, is probably the funniest surprise of the film with Marshall, Kyle's fat older brother, who is suspected to be cheating on his wife. Finding Joy is a definetly must see for all lovers of quirky family comedies (not suited for young children, no nudity but some light sexual situations) as it will make you laugh and touch your heart as it touched mine.