Friday Night (Vendredi Soir)

Friday Night (Vendredi Soir) movie poster
MPAA rating: NR
Genre: Independent, Drama
Though the film is "shot lovingly by cinematographer Agnes Godard," Weekend's Christina Talcott says it ultimately "leaves the audience out in the cold." Style's Stephen Hunter says, "Its virtues seem, uh, like some delicacy not really suited for the uneducated palate."
Starring: Valirie Lemercier, Vincent Lindon, Helene De Saint Pere, Helene Fillieres, Florence Loiret-Caille
Director: Claire Denis
Running time: 01:30
Release: Opened May 2, 2003

Editorial Review

In this adaptation of Emmanuele Bernheim's novel, Valerie Lemercier plays Laure, a comely twenty-something about to move in with her boyfriend. After packing up her old apartment, she sets out to have dinner with friends. But this is Paris: She finds herself in the midst of a massive traffic snarl caused by -- bien sur! -- a mass-transit strike. It's bitterly cold outside, and when a craggy, confident man raps on Laure's window, she lets him into the refuge of her warm car. A dreamlike, disorienting sexual adventure begins.

-- Christina Talcott, Weekend