Gibsonburg movie poster
Genre: Drama
Starring: Louis Bonfante, Lili Reinhart, Jonnie Wagner, Dustin "Diesel" Shidaker, Nick Schneider, Ryan Kunk
Director: Bob Mahaffey, Jonathon Kimble
Running time: 1:30
Release: Opened Jun 7, 2013

Reader Reviews

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I had heard that this movie was going to be the "next Hoosiers" film. I was disappointed. Marketed as a film about underdog team to win a state championship...I really wanted and expected to see more about the baseball aspect of the season--rather than a fabricated love story and story of lost treasure. I wanted to see interaction with coaches and kids, I wanted to see classroom struggles, I wanted to see more of the frustrations of losing and more of the joy of winning that what we got. In addition, I believe Lili Reinhart has the potential to go further with acting...unlike her male colleagues in the film.