Gloria (1999)

Gloria (1999) movie poster
MPAA rating: R
Genre: Drama
Sharon Stone portrays a tough-talking woman who befriends a young boy in Sidney Lumet's new film.
Starring: Sharon Stone, George C. Scott, Bonnie Bedelia, Bobby Cannavale
Director: Sidney Lumet
Running time: 1:40
Release: Opened Jan 22, 1999

Editorial Review

The Plot: Sharon Stone plays Gloria, a West Side Irish mobster's former girlfriend who took a rap for him and did three years in a Florida pen. She returns to New York, where she wants payback for her lost time, precisely as that boyfriend Kevin has sent his louts to bump off a larcenous accountant and family. The murder of the family feels gratuitous, but it sets up the rest of the movie: The one survivor is the 7-year-old son, Nicky, who connects with Gloria at gang headquarters. The two of them go on the lam, hunted by the mobsters, Gloria not realizing that (a) the kid has a computer disk that could blow the whole gang to the coppers, and that (b) she has a heart of gold. – Steven Hunter, Washington Post staff writer

Red Light Stephen Hunter – Style section,
"I found myself praying that the film would jam and melt."

Red Light Desson Howe – Weekend section,
"The movie's damaged goods, dead on arrival, a box office turkey, a bomb."