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Inside Llewyn Davis

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MPAA rating: R
Genre: Drama
The Coen brothers pay homage to Greenwich Village in the 1960s in the funny, poignant ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.’
Starring: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, Justin Timberlake, F. Murray Abraham, Adam Driver, Max Casella, Ricardo Cordero, Ethan Phillips
Director: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Running time: 1:44
Release: Opened Dec 20, 2013

Editorial Review

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ is funny and poignant and gorgeous

The Coen brothers pay homage to Greenwich Village in the 1960s in the funny, poignant ‘Inside Llewyn Davis.’

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Yet another mediocrity from the Coen Brothers

Inside Llewyn Davis is yet another mediocre film from the Coen Bros. While the music is good and the period is captured well, our protagonist is a jerk and there is simply no reason to care about what happens to him. Furthermore, nothing really does happen to him. He just wonders around being a jerk, and occasionally singing a fine folk song. I would say that fanatics of the Greenwich Village early folk scene might like this, but since I am one and didn't find this film all that interesting, I just don't see who this is aimed at. It is not particularly funny, and and not poignant, and nothing of interest happens. Not quite as atrocious as A Simple Man, but not much better. The good will from Fargo and No Country for Old Men is over.t

Depressing Gem

This is another depressing Coen brothers film. Like everything else they do it's brilliant and moving. Unlike 2/3rds of what they do it's depressing as hell. About every third Coen brothers film is just 'rip your guts out and dance on your entrails' depressing - typically about the artist's life "Barton Fink" was about a screenwriter, now "Inside..." about a failing (and very talented) folk singer. The folk song performances by the star are clearly live, adept and moving. No one cares. I have no idea what anyone found funny about it - except for a few tragicomic one liners this film adeptly guides you through the intimate death spiral of a folk singer before folk singers made any money or got any respect. It's sad. Disconnected.

Inside Llewyn Davis

reminds me of my early childhood and my love of folk music

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