Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith movie poster
MPAA rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Edward Norton directs and stars in this romantic comedy in which Norton plays a priest, Ben Stiller's a rabbi and they're both in love with Jenna Elfman.
Starring: Edward Norton, Eli Wallach, Jenna Elfman, Ron Rifkin, Ben Stiller
Director: Edward Norton
Running time: 2:09
Release: Opened Apr 14, 2000

Editorial Review

Stephen Hunter ,
Style Section:
"It's surprisingly delightful."
  Green Light

Desson Howe ,
Weekend Section:
"The most enjoyable part of 'Faith' is the comic business."
  Green Light

The Plot: At its base, "Keeping the Faith" is a straight-ahead romantic triangle in which Anna (Jenna Elfman) must choose between two childhood friends. But there's a twist. Okay, so this girl's gotta choose between two guys who were pals from a long time ago, right? She hasn't seen them in years. And suddenly, she's back in town. She can't wait to see them. They can't wait to see her. But here's the thing. Since they grew up, the guys have become holy men!

That's right. Brian (Edward Norton) is a Catholic priest sworn to celibacy. And Jake Schram (Ben Stiller) is a rabbi, who can date anyone he wants, although he's going to get some funny stares in Temple if she isn't Jewish. Anna's last name is Reilly.
– Desson Howe, Washington Post staff writer