Man of Steel

Critic rating:
MPAA rating: PG-13
Genre: Action/Adventure
Henry Cavill makes a credible Superman in ‘Man of Steel.’ Now all he needs is a better movie.
Starring: Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Christopher Meloni, Jadin Gould, Laurence Fishburne, Dylan Sprayberry
Director: Zack Snyder
Running time: 2:23
Release: Opened Jun 14, 2013

Editorial Review

‘Man of Steel’ reboots the Superman myth, with bombast

Henry Cavill makes a credible Superman in ‘Man of Steel.’ Now all he needs is a better movie.

Reader Reviews

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Sorry but I loved it!

I was burned by the previous Superman film so I had to be dragged to see this one but I am so glad I did! It ROCKED! Amazing casting all around and a good tie in of how a modern military would interact with a superhuman hero.

Pushing at a little truth are we?

The movie was alright, but what really got me was the blatant "disclosure" lingo all throughout the film. It's like someone gave Nolan a ton a money to produce films to echo what our world is slowly trying to show us. First with the Dark Knight... and now this... If you can't see the obvious messages that Nolan is trying to hint at then you must be blind. Wake up!

Not enough dialogue

-Was this filmed by an ADD child -Superman is superior to humans physically and he shouldn't need braces, it wrecks the Superman style. -Too much action, not enough dialogue. Where was the classic dialogue? I like redoing it like it hasn't been done before but I like a bit more conversation. -He was Lois Lane's personal Superman. She was the only person he took time out to save. Superman would have stopped fighting and saved a few civilians. -Apparently this Superman doesn't really care about incidental casualties or we aren't working with any sort of real reality. The sheer number of civilians that would have died in the unending fight scenes would have been catastrophic. A gas station blows up, a helicopter crashes and countless buildings

Incredible experience

I am always disappointed when I read one of Ann Hornaday's reviews on this type of movie. She is always so wrong, and her review of Man of Steel is no exception. The movie was a moving experience and a faithful adaption of the character that I know and love. Superman is not Iron Man--he is the sole survivor of a doomed race who is struggling to fit in and yet, at the same time, help humanity achieve its noblest aspirations. The movie captures this perfectly. In addition, the action was intense and the acting very strong, including the chemistry between Superman and Lois Lane. I just wish they had included some bars of the John Williams theme.

Man of Steel - Review

Making a Superman film is no easy task. Throughout time this iconic character has developed into a near indestructible god of a man, lacking any of the characters flaws that add humanity into the seemingly endless supply of caped crusaders entering the box office as of late. Who better to take on the challenge of creating the "Man of Steel" than Christopher Nolan, Zach Snyder, and David S. Goyer? Read the rest at

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