Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars movie poster
MPAA rating: PG
Genre: Drama
American astronauts, including Gary Sinise, embark on a daring rescue mission to save their colleagues trapped on the Martian surface.
Starring: Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Tim Robbins, Jerry O'Connell, Kim Delaney
Director: Brian De Palma
Running time: 2:00
Release: Opened Mar 10, 2000

Editorial Review

Rita Kempley ,
Style Section:
"'Mission' can't even heave itself off the launching pad."
  Red Light

Michael O'Sullivan ,
Weekend Section:
"For an adventure film, 'M2M' is shockingly slack in the tension department."
  Red Light

The Plot:: NASA sends a crew of four to Mars, where, while investigating an anomaly, something goes horribly wrong, leaving one man left alive (Don Cheadle as Luke Graham). Luke manages to send a garbled S.O.S to the mothership a gajillion miles away, where, against the better judgment of his commanding officer, Jimbo saddles up the rocket along with Woody Blake (Tim Robbins), Terri Fisher (Connie Nielsen) and Phil Ohlmyer (Jerry O'Connell) to go rescue Luke and put the kibosh on this anomaly. On the way there, even more things go horribly, horribly wrong, except trust me, they don't seem all that horrible, at least not in the way they're supposed to. – Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post staff writer