Original Sin

Original Sin movie poster
MPAA rating: R
Genre: Drama
"Aficionados of movies in the so-bad-they're-good category might just revel in this overheated costume melodrama." -- Rita Kempley, Style Section. "About half a notch above disaster." -- Desson Howe, Weekend Section.
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane, Pedro Armendariz, Gregory Itzin
Director: Michael Cristofer
Running time: 1:56
Release: Opened Aug 3, 2001

Editorial Review

A noir mystery set in the exotic world of Cuba in the late 1800s. Luis Antonio Vargas, a wealthy coffee merchant, arranges a marriage through the mail but discovers that the woman who arrives to share his house is an imposter with an eye on his fortune. When he arrives at the docks to meet Julia Russell, he is amazed to find that she is not the simple woman he was expecting. Though happier than he ever imagined, the surprises continue until the story takes a fateful turn. This is the story about the dangerous and sometimes lethal power of love.