Editors' pick

2013 Oscar Shorts: Live Action

2013 Oscar Shorts: Live Action movie poster
See a screening of this year's nominees: "Pentecost," "Raju," "The Shore," "Time Freak" and "Tuba Atlantic."
Running time: 1:54

Editorial Review

Ranging from 11 minutes to a half-hour -- and in star power from Ciaran Hinds to a long list of nobodies -- the live-action shorts are also a mixed stylistic bag. Among the best of the bunch is surely "Raju," a powerful and well-acted drama about a German couple who adopt, and then proceed to lose, a 4-year-old Indian boy in Kolkata.

At the other end of the spectrum is "Time Freak," a single-punch-line comedy about a neurotic inventor of a time machine.

Hinds stars in "The Shore" as an emigre Irishman returning home to reconcile with a childhood friend. It's one of two films from the Emerald Isle, along with "Pentecost," which kind of requires that you be Catholic and/or obsessed with soccer to understand.

Contains brief obscenity, a mild drug reference and thematic material related to death.

-- Michael O'Sullivan (February 4, 2012)