Shorts Program 1

Shorts Program 1 movie poster
MPAA rating: NR
A series of four short films, presented as part of AFI's Silverdocs Festival.
Running time: 1:38

Editorial Review

Bitch Academy (Kak Stat Stervoy) - Alina Rudnitskaya takes a look at a school where women are taught to cajole and manipulate in hopes of marrying a rich husband.
Bye Bye C'est Fini - Lina Merceis courts 20-somethings, goes to the beach, and enjoys the Rio de Janiero nightlife...and she's 73 years old. Directed by Tora Mrtens.
Sister Wife - Jill Orschel gives us a "glimpse into the world of Mormon fundamentalism," with testimony from women in polygamous marriages.
Till it Hurts (Do Bolu) - A middle aged psychiatrist finds a life beyond his domineering mother. Marcin Koszaka directs.