Slums of Beverly Hills

Slums of Beverly Hills movie poster
MPAA rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Writer-director Tamara Jenkins tells a wry and semi-autobiographical tale of growing up on the outskirts of the 90210 zip code.
Starring: Natasha Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Bryna Weiss, Marisa Tomei, Charlotte Stewart
Director: Tamara Jenkins
Running time: 1:31
Release: Opened Aug 14, 1998

Editorial Review

The Plot: Set in 1976, "Slums" is writer-director Tamara Jenkins's fictionalized memoir of her early teens, spent on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, Calif., where she lived with her divorced dad and two brothers in a series of mid- to downscale hotels – moving often enough to stay ahead of the bill collectors but retaining legal residence in the town's good school district.

Standing in for the filmmaker is Natasha Lyonne as the 15-year-old Vivian Abramowitz, who wakes up one morning to discover that she has grown breasts. The male-majority household shortly receives another dash of estrogen with the arrival of Vivian's troubled older cousin Rita (Marisa Tomei), running away from a drug rehab center. – Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post staff writer

Green Light Michael O'Sullivan – Weekend section,
"An engaging cranberry-juice cocktail of coming-of-age laughs and low-calorie pathos."