The Heat

Critic rating:
MPAA rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play a law enforcemt odd couple in ‘The Heat.’
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Kaitlin Olson, Taran Killam, Raw Leiba, Michael Rapaport, Thomas F. Wilson, Demián Bichir, Tony Hale, Bill Burr
Director: Paul Feig
Running time: 1:57
Release: Opened Jun 28, 2013

Editorial Review

‘The Heat’ pairs McCarthy and Bullock with uneven success

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy play a law enforcemt odd couple in ‘The Heat.’

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Laugh out loud

Theatre was filled with an eclectic group of people, and we all laughed so hard. These two were such a funny comedy team. I'm sorry more people who reviewed on The Post site didn't enjoy it. My friend and I laughed so hard we were wiping tears from our eyes. And everyone around us was laughing nearly the whole timetoo. Sandra Bullocok played a great straight man to Melissa McCarthy's wise-cracking one-liners. My sister recommended this movie to me. Great therapy to laugh for 2 hours.

disgusting on so many levels

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McArthy are disgusting for being in this horribly violent movie. Both of them have lowered their standards considerably. You don't need to show people being brutally murdered and you don't need to show bodies of brutally murdered people to get a laugh. You need a quality writer like previous writers that the two have worked for. Like writers of Melissa McCarthy's Molly and Me and Gilmore Girls, and countless Sandra Bullock movies such as the Proposal - now those are clever writers. Furthermore, writers need to learn to write clever, funny script instead of putting the F bomb literally over 50 times. It's a shame that two talented, formally respected actors wou

hilarious feel-good comedy

I completely agree with what edseeker says. I don't think Hornaday is being fair in her review. I don't think this movie is meant to be taken much more than skin deep. Yes, it's vulgar and it plays off McCarthy's size at times, but it's funny and heartwarming. The audience was laughing uproariously throughout. I can't wait to see it again with a good friend who needs a laugh.

Side-splitting Summer Romp

Sounds like Ann Hornaday needs a Melissa McCarthy in HER life. The audience today was roaring in laughter at the admittedly coarse badinage and one-upswomanship between McCarthy and Bullock. Predictable plot? Sure! But McCarthy offers a lot more than slapstick in her portrayal of a woman whose hubris is fueled by her love/hate relationship with her family. The expressions in her eyes keyed every change in emotion and motivation. Bullock was equal to the task of playing off McCarthy's comedic genius, getting in just enough ripostes to keep the movie from being a one-woman tour-de-force. Looking for an action film that leaves you feeling upbeat & smiling, like you've spent the evening at Happy Hour with your best friends? Go see The Heat!

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