Hamiltonian Gallery

Hamiltonian Gallery photo
Mark Finkenstaedt for The Washington Post
Through 10/25

New. Now.

The debut group exhibition for the newly announced 2014-2015 Hamiltonian Fellows features the work of Naoko Wowsugi, Adam Ryder, Allison Spence, Nancy Daly, Dane Winkler and Dan Perkins.
11/1 - 12/20

Fellows Converge

Curated by Klaus Ottmann, the exhibition asks artists to create a visual response to a literary story which in turn is reinterpreted by another fellow artist.

Editorial Review

When Hamiltonian first opened in 2008, it was an innovative hybrid: Part nonprofit finishing school offering fellowships to young, unrepresented artists who wanted to learn the ropes from more-established artist-mentors, and part commercial gallery. It still is both.

Since then, the exhibition program has evolved. No longer is every show automatically divided up between masters in one-half of the gallery, and pupils in the other. This makes for fewer awkward arranged marriages and a brighter spotlight focused on the work of those who have yet to make their mark.

"If people are interested in observing artists in the long term, they should know about us," explains director Jackie Ionita, "because after art school, we're step one."

Good neighbor: Project 4 Gallery. When visiting Hamiltonian, be sure and check out Project 4 just upstairs. Its next exhibition, "Drive By," opens Feb 5.

-- Michael O'Sullivan (Jan. 14, 2011)