Susan Calloway Fine Arts

The gallery specializes in contemporary art, and it also features some antique American and European oil paintings and prints from the 17th-19th centuries.
Tue-Sat 10-5
Sunday and Monday by appointment
Through 10/11

The Light That She Loves: Literary Paintings and Drawings by Maud Taber-Thomas

Artist Maud Taber-Thomas displays her works of luminous drawings and paintings that embody a loving conversation between several different art forms.
10/17 - 11/15

Observations of Form: Photographs by Paul Jett and Watercolors by Michael Hampton

Hampton displays his watercolors that emphasize classical line and proportion alongside Jett's photographs of flora to draw similarities between simplicity in architecture and nature.
11/21 - 12/20

Paris Reve: Nurieh Mozaffari

The exhibition and Mozaffari's paintings represent the artist's 30-year love affair with the City of Light.