Editors' pick

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum

Art Museum
An elegant little museum tells the story of woven works of art, from embroideries to masterpiece rugs.
Through 10/12

The Civil War and the Making of Modern Washington

This exhibition explores the District's role as a laboratory for social and political changes.
Through 10/15

Seat of Empire: Planning Washington, 1790-1801

The exhibit features historic maps and images tell the story of how the city was shaped.

A Collector's Vision: Creating the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection

Highlights from Small's 2011 donation of maps, prints and other Washington-based items are displayed.

For the Record: The Art of Lily Spandorf

The illustrator's works, which have appeared in Washington newspapers and chronicled the developments of the city, are displayed.
Through 2/14/16

China: Through the Lens of John Thomson (1868-1872)

The photographer's images are paired with pieces from the Qing dynasty.
10/10 - 5/29/16

Old Patterns, New Order: Socialist Realism in Central Asia

Nineteenth-century textiles are matched with the 20th century paintings they inspired.