Touchstone Gallery

One of the oldest cooperative galleries in D.C., the location shows an array of media from 50 member artists.
Wednesday-Friday 11-6
Saturday-Sunday 12-5
Through 2/1

January Exhibit

"Win-Win Situation" by Touchstone Gallery 45 Member Artists, "Hidden Things Revealed" by painter Patricia Williams and "Oh Life!" by multimedia artist Gail Vogels are displayed.
2/6 - 3/1

Earth's Elements by Harmon Biddle

Biddle captures the elements of the earth on paper and then transforms that 2-D creation into a 3-D glass creation.
2/6 - 3/1

Unspoken Messages: The Art of Janathel Shaw

Shaw exhibits her ceramic sculptures, which were inspired by the symbol of the moth and transformation, in this solo exhibition.
3/4 - 3/29

COLOR: Painting by Mary D. Ott

Ott displays her latest series of paintings created using embroidery yarn dipped in acrylic paint.
3/4 - 3/29


Member artists present works full of color and pattern in the mediums of collage, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and hand-pulled prints.
4/1 - 4/26


Artist Marcia Coppel's latest series of paintings that draw inspiration from loose, sprawling drawings.