Editors' pick

Alison Carney & J Hill

Please note: This event has already occurred.

Editorial Review

D.C. keeps developing intriguing young female soul stars, and the world outside the Beltway is finally taking notice. For every Wayna, Deborah Bond and Muhsinah already out there, an up-and-comer is pressing up indie releases, getting blog buzz and tastemaking radio show spins while cultivating a home following with a consistent live show grind. Alison Carney is one of those working her way up the ladder, and she's often seen rocking with drummer/producer Jon Laine and vocalist Bilal Salaam. You can catch her at Posh tonight with Laine and a band. It's a supper club-style situation with a $20 drink minimum, so make it a dinner-and-a-show date night.

-- Rhome Anderson (April 2009)