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Anthony David

Rhythm and Blues

Editorial Review

Mike Joyce wrote about Anthony David in January 2007 for The Washington Post:

Atlanta-based crooner Anthony David sounds as if he's a bit restless on his sophomore release, eager to explore languid grooves and new collaborations. Though he still comes across as a newcomer with an old soul, attuned to Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers among other obvious influences, David is drawn more to undulating beats than to acoustic guitar textures this time around.

The singer-songwriter gets a lot of mileage out of romantic, vamp-laced ballads on "The Red Clay Chronicles," largely because his sensuous voice is appealing enough to compensate for lyrics that amount to little more than the usual sweet nothings. He hits his stride when the performances prove more diverting ("Words," a duet with India.Arie, and the near-cinematic "Atl Sunshine" top the list) or when the tone turns pointed and topical (the album's cautionary title track instantly evokes Gil Scott-Heron's prime time.) Besides India.Arie and other Atlanta-bred musicians, David briefly teams up with smooth jazz guitarist Earl Klugh before this surprisingly multifaceted album comes to a close.